Saturday, 27 February 2016


What is religion?
Many definitions are available. One among them is 'The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal GOD or GODS'. What we don't want to know is God doesn't control our lives. God has given us FREE WILL. 

 We ourselves control our lives with our thoughts.

Who created religion? 

Is he telling us to be divided by religion? Is he asking us to fight over that?

 Who is GOD and how can we reach him?

GOD is omnipresent consciousness/energy. He can not be limited by the boundaries of idol. You, me, everything else is GOD. He has no religion.

When I speak all these things and don't do idol worship, people think that I don't believe in the concept of GOD. For me, worshiping GOD is different from worshiping IDOL. God can be reached by the silent voice coming from the heart not from mind. You need to calm up mind. The only technique to calm up mind is MEDITATION. Through MEDITATION ONLY ONE CAN REACH GOD. 


I believe

How to intensify your relationship with GOD is "KNOW THAT YOU ARE GOD"

Much more blessings from GOD above, GOD within

Friday, 19 February 2016


Only 2000 signs needed for the full disclosure about our star friends petition to reach the GAME CHANGER Mr. Putin. Watch the video to understand the necessity of this petition.

If you haven't signed till now please take action.

Thank you for participating in REVEALING TRUTH

Thursday, 18 February 2016


What is karma?

Karma in Sanskrit means action, but more precisely actuation. Karma is some times called "the moral law of cause and effect". It is supposed to encourage doing good. 

The christian formulation

Want to know the TRUTH about karma?

It's a rigged game of archons [they are the lords of karma, as they created it]. They want you to continue this game for many life times against your free will.

Archons use many tools like religion, education etc., to make you believe and be a part of the LAW OF KARMA game. 

Read the link to know more about the KARMA game.

May be it is hard to believe and painful to know the truth about this biggest game played by archons on the earth. 

You can come out of this game level by level by following the process which was given in the above link. 

you have FREE WILL. 
Choose wisely. 

LIBERATE YOURSELF from archons game.

Sunday, 14 February 2016


What is soul contract?

We were forced to make a soul contract with the archons. 

Read to know about archons

They implant us and prevent us from remembering any thing.

It is done in different layers. Implants are one of the cause of our BELIEF system. One layer of implants will be received before every birth. This is one of the reason that we forget our past lives. Another layer through our parents, another through kinder gardens & schools, it continues in the later part of our education. For example Science is infiltrated with errors intentionally. According to relativity theory the speed of the light is the highest possible. Superluminal velocity [which is faster than light] at which spacecrafts function, is therefore apparently not possible. Another layer is incorporated through media, religion, organisations etc., This layer makes us consider everything related to UFO's is crazy. 

What way the archons are benefitted?

They are trying to control us from 25k years onwards. It is not easy to explain all those things here. To completely cover the history and reasons is beyond the subject of this article. I suggest those who wish to find out more, look up to the following websites.

What can we do to undo this type of unwanted soul contract?

First try to understand the big picture behind this game played by archons with us. Then the ways open up for you to come out of this maze. If you feel guided to go further deep into, go through the following link where you will find a method to end the contract system at the end of the page. 

Love and Light to ALL

Wednesday, 3 February 2016


A long gap

I have come up with an INTERESTING, URGENT ACTION which all of us need to take. All of you were familiar with my previous post LIFE DOESN'T EXIST ON OTHER PLANETS.

Its time to take action to make the government come with truth.

Let us sign the petition by which we are going to make an important political game changer PUTIN to take action soon. Don't think "will they work?". Unless until you take an action, how will you know whether it works or not.


Petition is about demanding the government to tell us the truth regarding EXTRATERRESTRIAL PRESENCE, Disclosure of many free energy technologies to humanity, Disclosure of secret space programs [Government is spending our money to conduct many secret space programs. They never reveal any thing to you] etc., openly. We need 25000 signatures, so that it will be forwarded to Mr. Putin. What you need to sign is an e mail id of yours. 

Why did we selected Mr. Putin?

What benefits we do get if we sign?

As truth is revealed many free energy technologies will be released to humans. So we will come out of  FINANCIAL SLAVERY etc., It brings freedom in many aspects of our life. Those who trust presence of life in other planets can meet the ET's [It is called as FIRST CONTACT]. After that you can't even imagine also about the miraculous life humanity is going to lead about. 


It is in your hands whether to sign or not. Nothing you lose if you sign. Hope you gain everything if you sign. 

Let us do it. Here is the link

After you sign, please do share also.