Tuesday, 7 March 2017


A beautiful relation, even though don't accept each other's terms most of the times. 

Why this relation has such type of problems? 

We live in this world of duality [Duality is essentially a separation, it is the opposite of reality and cause of all suffering. It is the product of the mind]. In duality we essentially split or divide life into "right/wrong", "good/bad", "pretty/ugly" etc., As a result our lives become centred around judgement, condemnation, fear etc., We want to experience some qualities of duality through this relation. As per the life design, Wife and husband share these qualities of duality. For example
  • One remembers everything, other one is good at forgetfulness 
  • One is punctual, other one is not punctual
  • One is disciplined, other one is not disciplined
  • One is out spoken, other one is diplomatic
  • One is bold, other one is timid
The list goes on endlessly. We observe these dual qualities sharing among wife and husband. Wife and husband doesn't understand this concept of sharing qualities, gaining experience of duality and keeps blaming each other. They go to extreme levels of separation. 

What should be the action plan?

It is very simple. Step into others shoes and experience it [It is applicable to all sorts of relations]. 

Understand that both of you have chosen each other in this life time. Both of you have planned to share the duality qualities. It is you, who wants to experience the other quality through your life partner. As you achieve this clarity, you will start accepting them as it is, you will enjoy those qualities also. 

Open up your heart, after all he/she is your loved one. You will come out of duality and you enter ONENESS. 

On the eve of women's day, I dedicate this post to my loving husband  for moulding me. 
Happy women's day to all.

Thursday, 2 March 2017



Thank you one and all for making the solar eclipse meditation as an epic success. Although the battle for planet earth is not yet over, we need to keep pushing till the final liberation


  • Reached critical mass during this meditation. A total 1,50,000 to 2,00,000 people participated. 
  • A huge wave of positive plasma swept the solar system, causing schumann resonance to explode.

  • This wave has cleared the plasma anomaly and all toplet bombs beyond the moon orbit, as informed by LIGHT RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. 
  • Tentacles of yaldabaoth are gone forever.
  • Galactic confederation forces have taken absolute passive control over all communication satellites in geostationary orbit and relative passive control over some other satellites. 
  • The rift in the auric energy field has been sealed.
  • The archons started loosing control over many vortexes all around the planet.
  • They are loosing control over many places on the planet also.